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#LessonsLearned = #IntegrityFirst

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

One of the best pieces of advice my Dad ever gave me was this: Son, whatever job or career you pursue, make sure it is something you enjoy. Money isn't everything!

He spoke from experience, having worked 20 years in a job that he "really disliked" followed by 20 years in a vocation about which he was incredibly passionate: Teaching. I come from a family of educators. In fact, with the exception of my wife, our son, my brother and Yours Truly, my entire family - parents, sisters, daughters and even in-laws - are or were educators.

Teaching is a calling; it won't make you rich, but knowing that you've played an important role in preparing our future leaders is gratifying, particularly when directly reinforced by a former student who stops in for visit as a young adult to share what a positive difference you made in their life. That is the very definition of #EnjoyYourWork.

To be clear, #EnjoyYourWork doesn't mean you will always #HaveFunAtWork. We all have our good days and our bad days, but if we stay focused on the ulimate positive impact of our roles - to the company, its customers and the community at large - we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I was blessed with a 45+ year career supporting a trusted national brand (AAA) whose "DNA" included a unique commitment to traffic safety advocacy. In full disclosure, I had no idea that a part time summer job would turn into such a career. But as my role expanded to include direct responsibility for that advocacy, I grew to truly enjoy what I did knowing that - not unlike the teacher - I was making a positive difference and saving lives.



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