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#LessonsLearned = #JustBeNice

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Did you know that impactful business results and treating your team members with respect and dignity are not mutually exclusive? Well of course that's just common sense, right? Being kind and nice to your employees, associates...well, pretty much everyone...is the right thing to do, and I am sure there's plenty of research to back up the benefits of that assertion.

This week I enjoyed a 2 1/2 hour "catch up lunch" with a longtime friend who recently retired from our common industry. We swapped stories, got caught up on our respective families, talked about next chapters in our lives...oh, and ate some really good food at Cracker Barrel. We then shifted gears to talk about what we missed most about our jobs: The people...particularly our team members who, individually and collectively, were ultimately responsible for successful results and positive outcomes for which we received pats on the back.

We compared mental notes about having been blessed with very competent people who were committed to their profession, and who for the most part set aside personal interests in favor of collaboration and team success. We talked about positive employee satisfaction scores and low turnover, including what we viewed as "positive turnover" represented by team members who left on good terms and with our support to pursue and succeed at other opportunities...and how we were proud of the part we played in their professional development (a.k.a. we took full credit for their success).

As we wound up our very non-technical analysis fueled by meatloaf, cornbread and eggs-over-easy, we reached this stunning conclusion: Treating people with dignity and respect, giving credit where credit is due while providing constructive and helpful criticism when necessary, and encouraging your employees to grow and develop...even if it's with your competitor...has an incredibly positive impact on employee satisfaction, morale and, ultimately, performance leading to positive results.

The bottom line? #JustBeNice



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